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The GM Collaborative Research Lab @ Carnegie Mellon University’s four research thrusts are Dependable Embedded Systems, Design Methodologies, Human Computer Interaction, and Wired and Wireless Multimedia. Smart Car Demo

Dependable Embedded Systems

Goal: To improve automotive safety and reliability by adapting vehicle electronic configurations and functionality in situations in which the vehicle, the driver, or both are not operating at peak effectiveness.

Methods: Create and demonstrate new architectures, methodologies, and tools that result in fundamental advances within GM core technology related to the distributed embedded system lifecycle.

Design Methodologies

Goal: To enable vehicle-level design, simulation, and validation of the computer system for the automobile of the future.


  • Design and analyze complex systems that include both hardware and software models.
  • Detect logical errors in embedded computing systems.
  • Investigate and develop a semantic model to which all vehicle-level computation will be consistently specified and simulated.

Human Computer Interaction

Goal: To improve security and driver-vehicle interfaces by building a car that is capable of analyzing the driver's intention and watching the physical and mental status of the driver for any impairments or information overload.

Methods: Focus efforts around the Driver Information Cycle:

  • Acquire information from the driver and the environment.
  • Process and manage the information.
  • Present the information to the driver.

Wired and Wireless Multimedia

Goal: To enable the exchange of information between vehicles on the road, between vehicles and fixed network access points, and between vehicles and portable appliances within the vehicles, using wireless communications systems.


  • Conduct research into reliable, cost-effective communications systems that support the vision of the automobile as a multimedia information platform.
  • Meet communication needs ranging from the exchange of short messages containing traffic and road hazard information to the delivery of multimedia entertainment.
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