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Take the driver’s seat and explore the GM demo car prototype, the gesture study vehicle, and the pose controlled map:

See the Smart Car Demo>>

Smart Car Features

Peek inside our "smart car." It is:

  • A "companion" that recognizes your settings and keeps you alert.
  • "Context aware"-- responsive to your needs and preferences, road and weather conditions, and information from Internet, on demand.
  • Equipped with a "gesture interface" that lets you control the car's electronics with a wave of your hand.
  • Built with a speech recognition system tuned to your voice that connects your car to your handheld computers and cell phone.
  • Outfitted with the latest wireless networks and Global Positioning Satellite technology to keep you safe and on time.
  • Assembled with a heads-up display for operating the radio, navigating, checking email, and your schedule.
  • Able to automatically modify its own behavior, make "graceful upgrades" to new versions, monitor mechanical and electrical problems, and repair itself until you can get to the shop.
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